Read This If You Don’t Know What to Do With Your Money
3 min readOct 19, 2022

If you are a 20-year-old young adult who’s trying to navigate this crazy economy, and you’ve come to the conclusion that, at this particular moment in time, You do not know what to do with your money, you need to read this.

I encountered someone about 4months ago who said he had consumed so much information about investing, the stock market, real estate, bonds, interest rates, inflation, business, the economy, and everything in between, but did they make it easier? No! and this is because investment jargon scared and confused him. Deep sigh!

I have decided to write this piece the other way around by stating what you should not be doing with your money, this way you will get a clear idea of what you actually should be doing. Don’t worry I’ll keep it light.

What you should not be doing with your money …

  • Buying everything that crosses your path — It is very okay to say no to consumer culture.

People who are good with money are often not afraid to go against the grain and to actively unplug from consumerism…

  • When they do buy things, they’re chasing brands — People who are good with money aren’t chasing name-brand goods. Instead, they’re chasing value and deals, as well as searching for quality items that will last.
  • Not planning carefully for the future — Those who understand what to do with money are planning ahead, whether it’s through saving, investing, or engaging with financial advisors.

People who are not as capable with money are present-oriented.

  • Not setting financial expectations — Check out historical rates of return on savings accounts, stocks, and bonds before deciding what to do with your money. It will give you an idea of what to expect in good and bad economies.

You should also decide what you want to accomplish. Investing to make more money is a great goal, but do you have any financial constraints? Do you require money now or in the future? Are your investments for future income or extra spending money?

  • Not having an Investment Plan — Instead of rolling the dice with your money, make an investment plan and follow it. Successful investors follow a disciplined process and stick with it. An investment plan helps you align the investments you choose with their intended purposes.

Most people don’t plan to fail when investing. Many fail because they don’t create a strategy and a plan to follow it; instead, they jump on stocks that are hyped up by speculators and investing media.

  • Not making saving and investing a part of their routine — Those who are good with money don’t wait for a raise or a large gift to start saving; they make it a habit and use whatever money they have right now. An easy way of investing and growing your wealth is by investing on

Remember: Money moves from those who do not manage it well to those who do…



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