Bank Transfer with Transaction Reference
3 min readJun 1, 2020 Thanks for contacting, How can I help you?
Investor: Hello, I transferred funds to your account since Monday, but its not reflecting Ok sir, just a second…..Please confirm that you included a reference number when you transferred the funds
Investor: erm, I’m not sure I did Haha, that’s the missing link……

So lets say you are trying to transfer funds to your account and you opted to pay with “Bank Transfer”. Great job! You did everything right from inputting the amount you want to deposit, but guess what, you forgot to include the transaction reference code, and you sent the money which we have probably seen but we can’t connect the transaction to you because there is no reference code. Oops. Where does that leave us.

It means, the transaction will be in a pending state till we can ascertain the source of the funds and that is solely dependent on you reaching out to us to complete the transaction process.

What is a Reference Number?

A reference number is a unique identifier assigned to any financial transaction including those made using a credit or debit card. A reference number helps an institution like identify transactions in records. These numbers make answering queries and questions easier and quicker for our customer service reps. Of course, the reference number is useful in confirming funds transfer Status.

So we are having this conversation because we’d like to improve the quality of service you receive from us by reminding you to ALWAYS include your transaction reference code whenever you initiate a Bank Transfer from your account to your account. This will help simplify the payment process and you automatically get the value for your money in your cash balance.

I hope this explanation is simple enough for us to get your transactions processed seamlessly going forward. We are always rooting for you and we want you to be exceptionally happy with your investment experience on our platform.

Ok, so how do I go about it?

The process is simple. Please follow the steps below:

· Login to your account

· Click on ‘Deposit’

· Input amount

· Select mode of payment (In this case — Bank Transfer)

· A modal pops up with the Bank Account details as well as the Transaction reference number

· Copy the reference number and input it into the ‘narration’ section of your Internet banking/mobile app when sending the money

· Send an email to with the transaction details and the reference number

Just like that?

That’s it, once you follow the steps correctly, the deposited value will be processed to reflect in your account so you can complete the transaction.

Should you need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team, but I’m pretty sure that you can get by with these easy steps.

Happy Investing!!



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